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Who we are

Our purpose is to eliminate worry about your financial future, and show what is possible.

What we do

We work with successful people looking to partner with a financial planner to achieve your long term goals.

At Guidance we’re focused on doing one thing and doing it well.

We deliver Financial Advice to people all around Australia.

Depending on your needs, that advice might involve superannuation, investments, insurance, financial modelling, or a myriad of other elements that we need to delve into to get you to the financial goals that is the reason for you coming to see us.

Financial Advice is not valuable unless it can be trusted. That’s why we’ve developed the Guidance Quality Advice Guarantee. It encompasses the following 3 elements:

Product agnostic – both Guidance and our licensee Sprout Financial are owned entirely by professional financial advisors. Product manufacturers, including banks, superannuation funds, and insurers, have no input into our recommendations.

Wealth agnostic – we provide financial advice. Your level of personal wealth does not dictate your ability to access our services.

Jargon free – we recognise that the financial world is filled with much incomprehensible jargon. We aim at all times to communicate to you in plain English.

If you need trusted financial advice to achieve your goals, we’re here to help. We work with people all across Australia. Book an appointment today.

Our Process


Schedule an initial meeting to discuss your goals, objectives, and preferences. We can meet in our Essendon office, or via web conference.


Allow us to develop a customised plan to achieve your goals.


Work together to implement your strategy, and support you in making it a success.

About us

We understand the stress and worry that can often come with making important financial decisions.

At Guidance, you will work with our CFP qualified and experienced financial planner Paul Benson and his team, who will seek to understand you and your circumstances. We use our expertise to make you aware of financial opportunities that others might miss.

Paul writes the “Ask an Expert” column for Fairfax Media on a Sunday.

The team at Guidance Financial Services have been providing financial planning advice services since 1999.

Guidance and its licensee Sprout Financial are 100% owned by financial planners, with no equity stake held by product manufacturers such as banks or insurance companies. We fell this is extremely important so that you can have confidence that the advice you receive can be trusted to be in your best interests.

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